Astraea was born a couple of years ago when I decided to make my beloved hobby into a full-time job! Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and I invested a lot of time and effort in growing as a fashion business professional. I've always loved making my clothes - it was giving me so much pleasure and satisfaction! My friends often asked me to make the same models for them, so I created made-to-measure fashion designs.

With my family and friends' help, I realized that it was time for me to become an independent designer, creating Astraea. My designs are all about being unlike others and standing out! That is why I give my best to make playful and intricate designs that can be worn both as a daily attire and for special occasions! I get inspired by city life and imagine how women would like to feel when they work or attend a party. My genuine desire is to make women memorable, stunning whenever they go and always stand out from the crowd.

Every piece in the store is made with lots of love, always having in mind the importance of details and classiness! Thank you for attending my shop and spending your time looking through my fashion designs.